Enneagram Test Responses

It's possible more than one of the following responses will resonate. In your mind, choose the one that best describes what was happening for you. When ready, click the below button to reveal the Enneagram Type # associated with your response.

A:  I got bored immediately. This test was supposed to be "fun"? I didn't think so. There was nothing interesting going on! I got restless very quickly. I probably didn't even keep my eyes closed until the bell rang. If I did go the whole 30 seconds, I was probably thinking about ways to make the experience more enjoyable. Maybe I started thinking about some cool, new idea I recently read about. Or I was imagining what fun thing I could do after the test was over . . . or later today . . . or next week. So many possibilities!

B:  I liked when Trent said the test was "easy." And it was very easy for me to close my eyes for the whole 30 seconds. Actually, it felt pretty comfortable. Perhaps I dozed off just a little or things got kind of dreamy. Anyway, I probably could have gone longer. My mind naturally floated from one thing to another and then to another. I was just kind drifting along from topic to topic. I wondered if the test was almost over, but I'm pretty easy-going, so it didn't bother me too much. Then the bell rang and I opened my eyes. 

C:  The test was not difficult, and I had no trouble completing it. I found it hard to believe a simple test could be too useful. For a second I wondered if it would just be a waste of time and energy. Yet I was intrigued by the possibility "a lot of information would be revealed." I'm already fairly interested in the Enneagram. I like investigating how my mind works. I figured if the test was useful, I could add it to my collection of knowledge sources. If it wasn't, I would know not to bother coming back to this site again.

D:  The test was easy enough to do, but my mind almost immediately wandered off to thinking about other people. I immediately liked the idea that learning my Enneagram number might help other people. Perhaps I thought about Trent, how much I appreciated him putting together this website. If I contact him with some positive feedback, I'll say with a personal touch. Or maybe I thought about which ones of my friends and family would really enjoy the Enneagram. Maybe I will share this website with them. So many people could benefit from this!

E:  The test was easy enough. I generally like to look inside my experience. Mostly, I get into my emotions, how I am feeling. I was intrigued when Trent said the test would go into the "heart of the matter." During the test, I had a persistent sense something was not quite right. At some point I probably felt like I was on the edge of sadness about something. My thoughts were rejecting me in some way: some fatal flaw was going to be exposed, some reason I don't fit in. I thought the test would not really "get me" because I'm too different, too unique, too odd for anything so general to really capture, or capture authentically.

F:  I didn't complete the test, or I didn't do the test at all. I immediately thought the whole thing was kind of a joke, or a bit too airy-fairy for me.  It annoyed me when Trent said I needed to "follow instructions" and "do as I'm told." I get irritated when people tell me what to do. If I did the test, it's because I'm very determined to find out Enneagram number. Like most things, when I set my mind to it, I power through to get it done. Still, I was probably a bit rebellious about how I did it.

G:  Right away, I was pretty skeptical. How could this so-called "test" really show anything? Trent made big claims about it being "the most reliable," but I had trouble buying it. Perhaps I already like Trent's website well enough that I trust him, but I still think being a little suspicious of these kinds of things is a good thing. I also reacted a little when Trent said I had to "do as I was told." My mind was racing. Mainly I had a lot of questions: what was I supposed to be doing? was I doing it right? was something supposed to reveal itself? Now that I'm reading over the responses, my first reaction sees how all of them are little true . . . and a little not true.

H:  I perked up a little when Trent said the test is very "precise." I love precision. I hoped the test wouldn't waste my time, but I had no trouble following the instructions "precisely" to find out. I conscientiously started the test, but I found myself quickly irritated. This body sensation, then that one. This noise, then that one. It wasn't so easy to get comfortable. I thought about how I could improve something, like my breathing or my posture. I also got irritated I couldn't control my mind very well. Lots of judgments kept coming up: I wasn't doing this right or that right, or Trent didn't do this right or that right, or some other situation was not just not "right."

I:  I liked when Trent said the test was "quick and efficient." One more thing I could get done today! I had no trouble sitting and looking inside. I'm generally confident I won't find anything I don't like about myself. Very likely, I had a strong image of me doing the test. Like watching myself star in a movie. I liked how I looked wearing what I'm wearing. I could see how others looking would see how well I was doing the test, perhaps how calm and composed I looked. Whatever image came up about myself, I was pretty pleased with it.

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