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Learn about the Enneagram in high quality, easy access online classes. Included is a FREE course, Discovering the Enneagram, which will get you started with the introductory teachings.

Other courses go deeper into the Enneagram. The Hero's Enneagram maps the archetypal Hero's Journey discovered by famed mythologist Joseph Campbell onto the Process Enneagram. The Cosmic Enneagram is an in-depth series using the life cycle of stars for understanding both the Process and Personality Enneagrams. Learn what a Molecular Cloud teaches about the Point 9 or what a Black Hole teaches about the Point 6, and so on around the Enneagram.

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Workshops & Seminars


Trent facilitates private workshops and seminars for a variety of audiences. Workshop topics can range from introducing the Enneagram to delving deeper into practices to coaching groups or teams for better feedback flow and productivity.

Contact Trent to solicit a workshop or consulting proposal. Education can be tailored to meet your group's needs and terms are flexible.

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Live Events


Trent also hosts live events open to the public. Events take up particular topics of interest, such as Sex, Love, Work & Personality, or provide an opportunity to work with our type patterns together, such such as Personality Playspace.

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