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Several millennia of humanist and spiritual teachings have been passed down to us.
Having deeply studied & practiced numerous traditions, I know from experience:

We can apply ancient wisdom in fresh ways for better living today!


Personal Coaching


Good life coaching naturally addresses concerns in the areas of career fulfillment, relationship flow, and personal growth. Yet underlying the everyday challenges we all face from time to time on the 'rim' of our life wheel is a deeper un-ease at the 'hub.'

By attending to the hub -- what some might call "existential" or "spiritual" concerns -- Trent's clients benefit by working through present struggles while also enjoying unexpected positive results all around their life's wheel.

Trent's personal coaching is not therapy, nor is it simply career counseling or motivational cheerleading. Trent sees his role as trusted friend and confidant -- and someone who can safely challenge your assumptions.



Relationship Coaching


Conflict in relationship is natural. In fact, it's an opportunity to deepen the connection. When worked with in a safe, non-judgmental way -- the container relationship coaching provides -- conflict invites partners to experience each other, and the relationship, more intimately.

Ordained in two progressive, 'open and affirming' religious traditions, Trent also officiates weddings and commitment ceremonies of all kinds -- interfaith or no faith. Premarital counseling with a trusted advisor is also a time-honored tradition for thoughtfully and heart-fully entering into a new relationship phase.



Group Coaching


Healthy groups inspire efficiency and productivity, encourage the creativity and unique leadership qualities of its members, respect everyone's dignity and diversity, and demonstrate positive feedback flow, even in the midst of challenging communication.

Trent facilitates healthy functioning in all of these areas, tailored to the group's particular needs. Using Enneagram personality typing, Trent helps participants see and feel into how other group members approach the group.

Perspective shifting provides a platform for resolving hidden dynamics so the team can get into the groove again!


More About Trent

Trent is an ordained Buddhist chaplain and Dharma Leader, and an ordained minister in the Metropolitan Community Churches. Trent facilitates Enneagram workshops, and he trains volunteer chaplains at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Trent also has years of professional experience as a practicing attorney.

While offering spiritual depth and direction, Trent's life coaching is aimed at secular and professional settings.


Trent is a natural. His presence is palpable. An excellent listener and deeply insightful. His years of study, practice and experience are evident. I felt held, guided and directed to the next steps and the setting of specific goals. Trent walks his talk. Definitely a go-to source for personal & professional development.

-Michele E.


After just ten minutes of speaking with Trent, I had so much insights into my relationship issues.  I could so clearly see how I keep myself limited and also how there are alternative ways for me to thrive.  My time with Trent was definitely well spent.

- Peter D.


I've met with many life coaches and Trent is the cream of the crop. He is caring, intelligent, understands where you are coming from, and also how to help you get there in a deep and moving way. He's also flexible with how he works with clients which helps when you're busy. I recommend him highly.

- Joe D.


Trent is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of the enneagram. He has a way of breaking down complex concepts and making them easily applicable to your life. His wisdom and insight has changed the way that I view my own motivations and thereby positively impacting my relationships. I highly recommend you go see him!

- Abbie Z.


Trent is an amazing teacher and coach!  For me, his depth of knowledge of the enneagram provided a wonderful new perspective for me to look at things I already knew quite a lot about.  He brings a rich and broad knowledge into his work, plus a gentle yet very clear communication style..

- Barbara B.


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