What is the Enneagram?

It is not an exaggeration to say the Enneagram has the power to transform the way you see, connect with, and experience life. Learning how is well worth your time.

The Enneagram symbol consists of nine points forming three shapes: a circle, a triangle, and a hexagon (ennea means nine, gramma means drawing). G.I. Gurdjieff called it "the fundamental hieroglyph of a universal language which has as many different meanings as there are levels of people."

The Enneagram is a Rosetta stone for mapping and relating different systems of knowledge. It is an ancient technology that continues to generate evolving insights. It is a guide for better communication, relationships, and productivity. It is a tool for transforming ourselves as we transform the world.


There are many Enneagrams. This website concerns two: the Process Enneagram and the Personality Enneagram.

The Process Enneagram describes 9 stages in a universal process of transformation. Each of its Nine Points is one step on a journey which endlessly repeats as transformation continues to unfold. The process can be seen everywhere, large and small: from the caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly to the cosmic life cycle of a star.

The Personality Enneagram describes 9 types of personalities, or "ennea-types." No one type is better or worse than any other -- the numbering is a matter of convenience only. While everyone runs all of the nine ennea-type patterns, each of us runs one of the nine ennea-types more than the others. This is our Enneagram number.

Each of the 9 ennea-types in the Personality Enneagram forms around one of the 9 stages in the Process Enneagram.

The 9 stages of the Process Enneagram directly correlate with the 9 types of the Personality Enneagram.

One could say Reality itself embodies and experiences the 9 stages of its universal process by taking the form of the 9 personality types.

It's as if each of us loves one of the 9 stages in the universal process so much that it becomes the seed of our personality -- it becomes our ennea-type. We become experts at how to move through that stage . . . and we can get stuck holding onto or repeating that stage to excess.

Each of us is part of bringing an impersonal process into a personal way of being. The frames of our personality type and its affiliated point in the universal process get filled out in our unique flesh and experience -- the irreducible beauty making each of us one of a kind.

We may need each other more than we often realize. Together, we manifest a cosmic mandala, dance an endless dance, sing a celestial song -- and each point, each type, each part is critical to the whole.

This is the Living Enneagram: joining together the Process Enneagram and the Personality Enneagram to guide our individual and collective transformation.

This website offers many resources. The next few pages continue to outline the Enneagram in broad strokes. To go a little deeper, check out the free online courses below.

Under Services, you will find ways you can put the Living Enneagram into practice, including life coaching, live workshops, online EnneaGroups, and retreats.

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