The Personality Enneagram is a remarkably precise personality typing system. It is used in variety of therapeutic, business, and spiritual settings.

Different teachers use different names for the nine ennea-types. Names are only guides. They do not substitute for feeling into the patterns. Interviews and narrative panels with people who know their ennea-types well are a great way to learn the different personality styles.

The below, interactive image offers very broad descriptions. It was drawn by Margarita Fernandez and it is found in Claudio Naranjo's Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View

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Putting It All Together

The 9 Types relate directly to the 9 Stages of the universal process of transformation.

This section includes the "Essential Process Enneagram" interactive chart.

And it includes an interactive chart bringing together the Process Enneagram and Personality Enneagram teachings.


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Integrating Our Type Patterns

Each of us potentially manifests our ennea-type patterns in a way that is integrated, wholesome, and helpful. At times, each of us also can display these patterns in a way that is less integrated, less wholesome, and less helpful.

The more consistently integrated our ennea-types, the more connected, fulfilled, and whole we feel. 'ME-centered' concerns dissolve. Our personality patterns are used in service of a discerning wisdom and fierce compassion. We become more presently available; we become Presence itself.

When less integrated, we are driven by obsessive self-concern. We feel separate, isolated, and alienated. Our personality patterns organize around a strong sense of ME and react habitually, unconsciously, and unskillfully in furtherance of ME.

Pioneering experts Don Riso and Russ Hudson mapped nine stages on each of the nine ennea-type's respective paths of development, grouped in three categories:  the high-healthy, average, and low-unhealthy.

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Listening to others share their experiences is the proven method for discovering and more deeply experiencing your ennea-type . . . and for feeling into the other personality styles. Check out this interview course!

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