9 Stages in a Universal Process of Transformation

The Process Enneagram maps a universal journey. There are Nine Points or stages on this journey. While the stages blend together, each one also holds distinct qualities, challenges, and happenings. Each is interconnected, yet unique.

There is a somewhat mysterious happening hidden in the middle, in the empty space between Point 4 and Point 5. It is called the Nadir of the Enneagram. It's more of a moment than a stage, but critically important nonethless.

Let's begin with a concrete example: the life cycle of a bean plant.

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Process Enneagram as Journey

This chart puts the bean's life cycle onto the Enneagram. It also brings in the metaphor of "journey." 

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One twist: there are three stages, marked in light blue, which are different from the other six. These stages of the journey are called Shock Points. Something dramatic enters the process from outside, or changes it, and the journey is significantly altered from that point forward.

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Continuing to reflect upon the Process Enneagram promises to generate many insights into its nine stages  . . . and into their related personality styles . . . and into the continuous process of transformation happening to you right now.

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